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Yixing Xinwei Leeshing Rare Earth Company Limited (the "Company") is a subsidiary enterprise engaged in the separation and deep processing of rare earth under China Rare Earth Holdings Limited. Its predecessor was Yixing Rare Earth Separation Factory. With its staff of over 500, 30 per cent of which being senior and middle technical staff, the Company is at present one of the largest private enterprises in the PRC holding a lead in technology. Its major products include various unitary rare earth oxide, unitary rare earth chemical compound, mixed and unitary rare earth metal and rare earth trichromatic phosphor powder. By virtue of the stable quality of its products, the Company has been selling its products to countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Europe.

The Company currently has large-scale automated rare earth production lines equipped with advanced technology, sophisticated installations and environmental friendly and power-saving features, with the whole production process being automatically controlled by computer. The production facility can now produces 6,500 tonnes of rare earth products per annum. The products are widely used in different industries range from traditional industries such as metallurgy, petroleum and chemical engineering, glass and ceramics, etc. to nowadays high-tech electronic devices, computers, electric motors, automotive air purifiers, permanent-magnet materials, nano materials, magnetic memory chips, fibre optics, superconductors and precision optics, etc.. The Company enjoys export and import rights for its self-operated business with its products being accredited by the ISO 9002 system in recognition of their excellent quality.

Today, the Company is entering into the second stage of its pioneering work. Carrying forward its entrepreneur spirit of "daring to make every difficult climb and never get conceited", with more than ten years' experience and well-established dominant position in the market, the Company utilizes the strength of capital market, introduces internationalized systems in management and supervision, and enhances its overall competitiveness. In the meantime, by continuously strengthening its cooperation with domestic and overseas customers, the Company endeavors to meet every need of the domestic and foreign markets and is striding ahead on the road of globalization and standardization. 

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