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Application of Rare Earth in terms of environmental and construction materials

In terms of the environment is an important use of rare earth materials as autocatalysts. It has good catalytic activity, thermal stability, anti-toxic, life and price advantage. Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute of Rare Earth Development autocatalysts mainly cerium oxide, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of platinum / zirconia · ceria as a catalyst. Make automobile exhaust CO (carbon monoxide), HC (hydrocarbons), NOX (nitrogen oxides) purification rate of 60% -70% or even higher.

Abroad, the recent use of CEO (ceria) as SO (sulfur dioxide) adsorbent, sulfur dioxide in the flue purification rate of 95%. Using cerium sulfate removal NOX purification rate of 90%. Cerium oxide adsorption of hydrogen sulfide formed therewith cerium oxysulfide, at 1000 ℃ desulfurizing gasification, renewable cerium oxide. Since 1973, carbon dioxide methanation propose ideas since, scientists have conducted extensive studies on carbon dioxide when using hydrogen as a reducing agent, lanthanum oxide, zirconium branded aluminum bonded to a copper (Cu-Zr-Cr-Al) oxide catalyst inside, so that the carbon dioxide is converted to methanol, both the development of new energy sources, but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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