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Mitsubishi Materials recovered from the hybrid rare earth magnets

Japan's Mitsubishi Materials Corporation plans to begin recovering in 2015 from a rare earth magnet hybrid vehicle (HV) in. Honda will cooperate with the group, to build a magnet recovered from scrapped vehicles in the hybrid system. China's rare earth production accounts for 90% of global output, if China further restrictions on exports, it is difficult to purchase state of rare earth has been worrying. Mitsubishi Materials Corporation hopes to carry out the recycling business in Japan to reduce sourcing risks.

Mitsubishi Materials will be designed to produce a first dismantling the engine taken from the motor magnet device in the current year, the Group invested Honda sold to scrap car recycling company MARK CORPORATION. Next year will begin to be removed from the magnet hybrid car empirical tests.

Mitsubishi Materials plans to establish on the basis of empirical tests related technologies in hybrid car will officially begin mass retirement of 2015 rare earth recycling business commercialization.

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