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Rare earth mining permits reduced for environmental reasons

Land and Resources recently released an updated list of rare earth mining permits, the national number of rare earth mining permit from the previous 113 reduced to 67. Deputy Director of the Ministry of Land and Mineral Resources and Reserves Division Shaobo 27, said the authorities decided to make a rare earth mining permit reduction is entirely due to environmental considerations and the rational development of resources.

Shaobo were for centuries the Chinese National People's Congress participate in environmental protection activities in Jiangxi row above remarks. He said the reduction of rare earth mining permits mining can be changed more, small, scattered, chaotic situation, it is possible to improve the industry concentration, strengthen the management of rare earth mining, effectively reducing the phenomenon of unauthorized mining and environmental pollution.

For a long time, so disorderly development of rare earth paid a heavy environmental cost of China. Ganzhou Xinfeng County is rich in rare earth resources, mining of rare earth mining sites peak of the county of more than 1000, the exploitation of chaos caused by trees being cut down, serious soil erosion, extraction of a large number of rare earth ions causing the mountain and fields acidification, dead vegetation, water pollution. 54.38 million tons of mining tailings discharged buried farmland, and raise the riverbed silted river, eight townships severely affected more than 50,000 villagers living and production.

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