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Rare earth prices under pressure in the industry is still looking forward to the policy of collective market

It is reported that great wisdom, after a rise, light and heavy rare earths prices generally fell last week, China Rare Earth Industry Association March 27 offer, the dysprosium oxide, terbium oxide, praseodymium, neodymium and other mainstream varieties have a price representing 23 daily the decline, analysts said the price decline was mainly due to delayed purchasing and storage of rare earth, leading to lack of confidence in the market, early rising profit brokers to begin shipping, so rare earth prices under pressure.

According to Shun Securities research reported on the 30th, this time purchasing and storage has confirmed postponed. Analysts believe that the rare-earth policy node should be before May 2.

According to statistics, rare-earth prices bottomed in November 2014, a large group formed from rare earth, hitting policy implementation, coupled with rumors of purchasing and storage 2015, China Rare Earth Industry Association dysprosium offer rose over 25%, the price of terbium oxide up over 50%, to mid-March prices continued to firm. The industry is expected to state purchasing and storage is expected before May 2, rare earth resources tax reform is also expected to follow suit, when the rare-earth prices have sharply upward momentum. But if in 2015 such as purchasing and storage as postponed to the second half of 2014, the price of rare earth will have downside risk.

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