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Rare Earth without fear of favor

It is understood that the total amount of rare earth resources in the current global annual consumption of between about 120,000 to 16 million tons. My country has been occupied for more than 90 percent of the global rare earth market share.

In 2011, the ratio of China's rare earth resources in export volume and export quotas of 61.6%; however, by 2012, the ratio fell nearly 8 percentage points. As opposed to this it is that in March 2012, the United States, Europe and Japan to the WTO complaint, accusing the country with rare earth export quota restrictions.

While accusations of export restrictions by political pressure, but the other side of its imports came to a standstill. Europe, America, Japan and other regions and countries Why "big eyes, small stomach"?

In this regard, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yan Chunhua in the "China Science News" reporter pointed out that, although the decline in exports and the current international economic downturn, application industry chain atrophy, but in Europe, America, Japan and other regions and countries "hidden of "pressure also inescapable relationship.

"Foreign companies generally have a certain amount of rare earth reserves, they can start with a stock, then wait for price changes. This is a strategy of foreign capital." China Rare Earth Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Zhanheng told the "China Science News" reporter, some countries trying to temporarily use stock to reduce purchases of Chinese rare-earth policy to drive down prices.

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