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Detailed Glass Polishing Powders

The basic composition of the polishing powders is generally metal oxide, according to the literature, people use polishing powders began in the 17th century, the use of rare earth polishing powders polishing optical glass in the 20th century, 40 years ago. China from 1958 began to study cerium oxide-based polishing powders and achieved some results. To the 70's developed the addition of fluorine, silicon and other elements of the product. In the industry widely used in the polishing powders are: iron oxide, alumina, rare earth oxides and so on. However, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of polishing quality requirements, rare earth polishing powders with its high quality polishing, polishing speed, less pollution and other advantages occupy the dominant position in the market. Rare earth polishing powders is rare earth oxide or oxide and fluoride oxide, sulfate mixture. Rare earth polishing powders in the main component of cerium oxide, under normal circumstances are based on the content of cerium oxide grading. The higher the cerium content in the polished powder, the stronger its polishing capacity, the longer the life span, and the higher the price. On the contrary, cerium content is low, the price is low Its initial polishing capacity and high cerium products are basically no difference, but its life is short. With different raw materials, the preparation of the polishing powders in the cerium oxide content is also different, the following describes the industrial preparation of polishing powders commonly used method.

At present, the industrial production of polishing powders production process can be divided into dry, wet and mixed deployment of several:

Dry method is directly to rare earth concentrate as raw material solid phase synthesis, the rare earth concentrate in the corresponding temperature and then burned to get the finished product. This method is used to prepare the polishing powders directly. The production cost is low, and the impurities such as silicon and fluorine in the concentrate also ensure the quality of the polishing. In recent years, this method for the use of acid leaching slag as raw material to produce polishing powders is also in the industry. But this method also has its shortcomings. First, subject to raw materials, the composition of a single product; Second, direct burning, grinding products obtained by the coarse and uneven distribution, polished polished polished surface. Which makes this polishing powders in the application area has been a certain limit.

Wet method is to use rare earth salt solution after precipitation in the burning, grinding, precipitation process should be the introduction of fluoride, silicon, sulfate and other impurity ions, so as to ensure the product's polishing capacity. This method is slightly more complicated than the previous process, the product has a corresponding increase, but the product is fine particles, evenly distributed. The product can be controlled by the size of the granulation process, the basic control can be achieved particle size, while the main components of the product can be controlled. Production of products can be widely used in various fields. The most commonly used industry is this method.

Mixing the production of polishing powders is also a common industrial, that is, according to the different needs of customers, with the finished product polishing powders can be mixed evenly finished products. This production method is more simple, and the product is more suitable for the needs of manufacturers.

Industrial use of polishing powders need to examine the main indicators are: particle size and distribution, suspension, cutting capacity.

Particle size and distribution, the general use of particle size analyzer can be obtained in detail the data, if the particle size of nano-level, the best use of electron microscopy to observe.

The determination of the suspension can be achieved by means of a spectrophotometer, by examining the change in the absorbance of the suspension at a given wavelength at different times.

The cutting capacity requires the polishing powders to be arranged as a polishing solution (the preparation of the polishing solution is complicated by the addition of a suspending agent to allow the powder to be sufficiently dispersed in the solution and suspended in the solution.) Use a polishing solution with a good polishing solution for different Glass is polished to get the data.

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