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Hair Color Principle Of Rare Rare Earth Oxides

Rare earth oxides are 15 kinds of lanthanide oxides with atomic numbers 57 to 71 in the periodic table and oxides of scandium (Sc) and yttrium (Y), which are similar to the chemical properties of lanthanides. Rare Earth Oxides in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, ceramics, glass, permanent magnetic materials and other fields have been widely used, with the progress of technology and application of continuous breakthroughs, the value of rare earth oxides will become increasingly large.

Hair color principle and spectral characteristics of Rare Earth Oxides

1 material hair color principle

Visible light wavelength range of 760 ~ 400nm, chromatography by red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, indigo, purple and other orderly distribution. White light is complex light, the wavelength can be continuous or can be discontinuous, by two or more monochromatic light according to a certain proportion of mixed white light, composed of white light monochromatic light called complementary light (see Figure 1 ). For example, KMnO4 solution has a strong absorption of green light with wavelength λ = 525nm in visible light, and the absorption of light with wavelength greater than or less than 525nm is gradually weakened until it is not absorbed. Therefore, we see that the color of KMnO4 solution is purple and purple is green Complementary color.

When the visible light is irradiated on a transparent or translucent substance, if the substance absorbs a certain wavelength of light, the rest of the part of the color light is transmitted or reflected, so that the object color, see the color is absorbed by the complementary color color. Therefore, any material that can selectively absorb visible light in the ceramic glaze can be used as a ceramic glaze pigment.

Spectral properties of rare Rare Earth Oxides

In a multi-electron atom, there may be several different S, L, J states for a given electronic configuration, where the spin (S), orbit (L) and total angular momentum (J) of these states are different, That is, contains the interaction between the electronic situation is different, so the energy is different, the level of the atomic level and the size of S is very related to the atomic spectral terms with 2s + 1L said. In the case of L-S coupling, the energy of each spectral term appearing from the same configuration is different. The coupling (L-S) produces many energy sublayers due to the interaction of electrons at the E4f level and the angular momentum of the orbital angular momentum, resulting in an f- f electron transition (ΔE = E2 - E1 = hν ), Resulting in a linear absorption spectrum, this f-f transition led to the selective absorption of visible light is the root cause of Rare Earth Oxides hair color.

3 Rare earth oxide color

Rare earth oxides, such as LnO, Ln2O3 and LnO2, which is more common Ln2O3. With the increase of the atomic number, the electrons are filled in the 4f orbit, and the electronic structure, the valence of the ions and the color of the trivalent ions are shown in Table 1.

The 4f sublayer of the rare earth ions is shielded by the outer shell (5s2) (5p6) electron shell, so that the 4f sublayer is affected by the potential field (crystal field) adjacent to other ions, and its linear line is basically free The d-d transition is different from the d-d transition of the transition element. The d sublayer is in the outermost layer of the transition metal ion. Without the protection of the shielding layer, it is affected by the coordination field or crystal field, Easily lead to the same elements in different compounds in the absorption spectrum differences, resulting in color instability. Rare Earth Oxides of the electronic energy level and spectrum than other elements rich and varied, they are from the ultraviolet light, visible light to the infrared light area has absorption or emission phenomenon, is a very good chromatographic wide color material.

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