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How To Use Polishing Powders?

Polishing Powders machine polishing mechanism and the same as the polishing mechanism, are the use of polishing machine and polishing powders and optical glass friction between the optical glass surface to achieve the required process of flatness. Polishing Powders machine polishing is under the action of polishing powders , So that the surface properties improve to achieve sufficient smoothness, thereby reducing the impact of irregular surface light transmission or reflection of the adverse effects. Polishing process is a complex process, the interpretation of its polishing mechanism are similar, summed up the following four theories:

(1) pure physical theory: that is, the glass surface of the convex layer by mechanical grinding and grinding, there has been a certain flow and plastic deformation, in the process, the mechanical friction of the heat to promote the glass surface softening phenomenon. Pure physics argues that the essence of the polishing process is that the glass surface elements are rearranged and combined to produce a new flat surface process.

(2) Chemical theory: chemical theory that the polishing process is essentially the nature of the polishing process used by the interaction between raw materials and equipment, resulting in chemical changes, making the surface of the glass surface is not flat surface.

(3) the comprehensive theory of the role of physical and chemical. The polishing process is a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), which combines mechanical grinding and chemical corrosion, and the current theory is endorsed by most polished researchers. Cerium oxide polishing powders in the polishing process will appear two kinds of role of a colloidal chemical and mechanical effects; First, cerium oxide grinding glass surface of the uneven surface, making the glass surface Polishing Powders, during which we think the mechanical friction played main effect. And then the use of raw materials and equipment used in the mutual chemical interaction between the glass surface began to form a softening layer, it is with the role of polishing mold, formed by the friction heat shaping the softening layer, but also with the role of water solvent , A silicic acid gel layer formed by hydrolysis.

(4) Rheological theory: rheological theory that the polishing process is the surface of the glass surface is broken and redistributed to form a flat surface of the process, that is, heat softening to melt and produce flow, or friction heat to the glass surface of cattle Shape and flow.

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