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Indicators Affecting The Performance Of Polishing Powders

1, particle size of the powder: particle size and uniformity determines the polishing speed and accuracy, sieve mesh number can master the powder relative granularity of the value, the average granularity determines the overall level of polishing powders particle size.

2, the Powder Mo's hardness: The hardness relatively big powder has the quicker cutting effect, simultaneously adds some grinding aid and so on also can improve the cutting effect, the different application domain will have the very big discrepancy, including own processing craft.

3, Powder suspension: Good polishing powders to have a good suspension, the shape of the powder and size of the suspension has a certain impact on the performance of nano-particle size of the suspension of the polishing powders is relatively better, so the fine polishing the general selection of Nano polished powder.

4, the crystalline form of powder: The crystalline form of powder is a single crystal particle, which determines the cutting property, wear resistance and fluidity of powder. Powder agglomeration of single crystal particles in the polishing process separated (broken), so that its cutting, wear resistance gradually decreased, particles for the ball-type polishing powders has good cutting, wear resistance and fluidity.

Polishing Range Subdivision:

As a fine polishing material, the most amount of polishing powders in the market is mainly alumina polishing powder, cerium oxide polishing powder, silica polishing powder, etc.

1. Alumina Polishing Powder:

Alumina polishing Powder (vk-l300f) is generally used in marble stone polishing, metal aluminum polishing, metal stainless steel polishing, metallographic (acrylic plate) polishing, PCB printed circuit board polishing, paint polishing, resin polishing, jade polishing, particle size according to the requirements of the general distribution in 0.2-0.5um.

2. Silica Polishing Powder:

Generally used for artificial crystals, gemstones polishing, or metal products after finishing the repair of a small amount of defects. The particle size is generally distributed in 0.3-1um

3. Cerium oxide Polishing powder or polishing liquid (vk-ce02w):

For lenses, TV picture tubes, glasses, wafer, optical elements, optical fiber, art glass, electronic glass, flat glass, such as polishing. Once the size of the general requirements in the 20-30nm, two times the size of the general requirements of 0.2um.

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