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Introduction Of Rare Earth Polishing Powders

In the consumption of rare earth polishing powders, Japan is the largest consumer, about 3550 tons per year to 4,000 tons of polishing powders, the output value of 3.5 billion to 4 billion yen, but also from France, the United States and China imported part of the polishing powders. One of the largest polishing powders consumer market is color cathode ray tube. In the mid-1990s, the production of cathode ray tubes in Japan turned to overseas, and the output of flat display products increased rapidly, and the demand for cerium-based polishing powders also increased rapidly. Japan in the liquid crystal display with flat panel display on the production of polishing powders accounted for about 50% of its market. Since the 1990s, Japan will be its cathode ray tube with polishing powders production technology, equipment to overseas transfer, such as: Japan Qingmei Chemical from 1989 onwards, in the overseas production of cathode ray tube with cerium-based polishing powders. 1989 in Taiwan to establish a wholly-owned enterprises, in 1990 put into production, production capacity of 1,000 tons per year. 1997 and China Baotou Iron and Steel Company joint venture in Baotou established a specialized production of color cathode ray tube, tube and flat glass polishing polishing business. Design capacity of 1,200 tons per year, the use of raw materials for the high grade of fluorocarbonite and cerium carbonate rare earth. Therefore, the new Japan Metal Chemical Company cathode ray tube polishing powders from China and Taiwan due to the impact of a large number of low-cost polishing powders is also intended for liquid crystal display with high-performance polishing powders production. Northeast Metal Chemical Company plans to engage in optical lens and liquid crystal display with the production of polishing powders.

High cerium rare earth polishing powders, mainly for precision optical lens high-speed polishing. Practice shows that the performance of the polishing powders is excellent, the polishing effect is better, due to the higher price, the domestic use of less.

Ce-based rare earth polishing powders, mainly for optical instruments in the medium-precision small spherical lens high-speed polishing. Compared with the high cerium powder, the polishing powders can reduce the liquid concentration of the polishing powders by 11%, the polishing rate by 35%, the finish of the product can be improved and the service life of the polishing powders can be increased by 30%. At present, the use of this type of polishing powders is still less, need to continue to develop new applications in the future.

Low-cerium rare earth polishing powders, such as the 771 type for optical glasses and metal products, high-speed polishing; 797 and C-1 type for TV picture tube, glasses and flat glass polishing; H-500 and 877 Type for polishing the TV picture tube. In addition, other polishing powders for optical instruments, cameras and camera lenses such as polishing, polishing the amount of domestic consumption of the most, accounting for more than 85% of the total domestic consumption.

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