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New Materials For Rare Earth Oxides

The zeolite catalyst prepared by rare earth has the advantages of high activity, good selectivity and strong resistance to heavy metal poisoning, thus replacing the aluminum silicate catalyst for the petroleum catalytic cracking process. In the process of ammonia production, a small amount of rare earth nitrate And the treatment gas is 1.5 times larger than that of nickel-aluminum catalyst. In the process of synthesizing butadiene rubber and isoprene rubber, the rare earth-triisobutyl aluminum catalyst of naphthenic acid is used. The obtained product has excellent performance, Less rubber, stable operation, short reprocessing process advantages; composite rare earth oxides can also be used as internal combustion engine exhaust gas purification catalyst, cerium naphthenate can also be used as paint driers and so on.

Rare earth oxides may be processed as rare earth concentrates, which can be used as Polishing Powders widely used for polishing of optical glass, spectacle lenses, picture tubes, oscilloscopes, flat glass, plastic and metal cutlery; in the process of melting glass, Cerium oxide has a strong oxidation of iron, reducing the glass content of iron in order to achieve the purpose of removing green in glass; add Rare Earth Oxides can be used for different purposes of the optical glass and special glass, including through the infrared , The absorption of ultraviolet glass, acid and heat-resistant glass, anti-X-ray glass; ceramic glaze and enamel in the addition of rare earth, can reduce the fragmentation of glaze, and make products show different colors and luster, Widely used in ceramic industry.

Rare earth cobalt and NdFeB permanent magnet materials, with high remanence, high coercivity and high magnetic energy product, is widely used in the electronics and aerospace industry; pure Rare Earth Oxides and ferric oxide made of garnet iron Oxygen single crystal and polycrystalline can be used in the wavelet and electronics industry; yttrium aluminum garnet and neodymium glass made of high purity neodymium oxide can be used as solid laser material; rare earth hexaboride can be used for making electron emission cathode material; Metal is the newly developed hydrogen storage material in the 1970s; lanthanum chromate is a high temperature thermoelectric material; the current world countries using barium yttrium copper oxygen improved barium oxide produced superconducting material, can be obtained in the liquid nitrogen temperature superconductor, So that the development of superconducting materials has made a breakthrough. In addition, rare earth is also widely used in lighting light, projection television phosphor, sensory screen phosphor, three primary colors phosphor, copy light powder; in agriculture, to the field crop application of small amounts of rare earth nitrate, can increase its production 5 ~ 10%; in the textile industry, rare earth chloride is also widely used in tanning fur, fur dyeing, wool dyeing and carpet dyeing and so on.

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