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​Polishing Material Polishing Powders Use And Composition

Polishing materials to be polished, to use polishing powders, because the polishing material polishing powders plays the role of grinding the workpiece. In this regard, the requirements of the polishing powders fine powder hardness, particle size uniform, outside the shape of polygonal and not broken, so as to ensure the quality of the sample polishing.

Polishing powders in the metallographic sample for the polishing suspension, spray polishing agent, polishing material polishing paste additives. In the original GB2477-1983 abrasive grain size and its composition standard in the provisions of the micro-powder marked W, commonly known as; micro-standard, W is Chinese; micro-word Pinyin prefix. GB-2477-1983 provides a total of nine, that is, Cong W63 to W5. W5 also divided into five, namely W3.5, W2.5, W1.5, W1.0, W0.5. The above criteria have been replaced by the new standard GB / T2481-1998. The new standard defines coarse abrasive grains from F4-F220 with a total of 26 numbers, and the base particle size is from 4.75mm to 63 microns.

Polishing Material Polishing Powders Abrasive Type:

Diamond: grain sharp, sharp, good grinding effect, long life, less deformation layer; for a variety of materials, coarse, fine polishing

Silicon carbide (emery): green, coarse particles; for polishing and rough polishing

Alumina (corundum): white transparent, shape was polygonal; rough polishing and fine polishing

Chromium oxide: green, with high hardness, worse than alumina polishing capacity; for quenched alloy steel, high speed steel, and titanium alloy polishing

Magnesium oxide: white, very fine and uniform size, sharp appearance was octahedral; for aluminum, magnesium and its alloys and steel in the non-metallic inclusions polished

Polishing Material Polishing Powders Size:

W0.5 W1 W1.5 W2.5 W3.5 W5 W7

W10 W14 W20 W20 W40 W50 W63

240 # 220 # 180 # 150 # 120 # 100 # 90 #

80 # 70 # 60 # 46 # 36 #

According to the needs of users, but also to meet in accordance with DIN848, JIS6002 and other foreign standard particle size of the polishing material

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