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Rare Earth And Atmospheric Environmental

Currently our power motor vehicle fuel is still mainly due to the incomplete combustion of fuel, exhaust emissions of harmful gases. When the air-fuel ratio is too small to form a "concentrated burn" the fuel of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) conversion is incomplete. When the air-fuel ratio too, a "lean-burn" the fuel of nitrogen oxides (NOX) reduction of difficulty. Wherein (CO), (HC), (NOX) are harmful gases. If the car concentrated in large cities in the application, the exhaust will cause serious air pollution. With the development of science and technology, improved quality of life, awareness of environmental problems caused by automobile exhaust more attention. Great years of automotive exhaust gas treatment technology concluded that the use of the machine before adding fuel EFI machine after catalytic converter technology integrated application control automobile exhaust pollution is one of the most effective means.

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