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Regeneration Method Of Dead Rare Earth Polishing Powders

The method of regenerating the spent rare earth Polishing Powders involves a method for reusing the waste resource, in particular by the method of reusing the physical and chemical treatment of the rare earth Polishing Powders. The technical scheme of the invention mainly comprises the following steps: (1) adding a certain concentration of water-soluble alkali and / or water-soluble fluoride to the chemical treatment in the rare earth Polishing Powders slurry, and after a certain period of heating and stirring, Cleaning and filtration process, the recovery of solid; ② the recovery of the solid after further heat treatment to room temperature, milling. Recycled rare earth Polishing Powders, most of the glass powder and other impurities are effectively removed, the physical and chemical properties are improved. Polishing Powders recovery rate is usually up to 70-80%, the amount of corrosion can generally be close to or reach more than 50, can continue to use for polishing glass products.

   China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association held in Beijing, the Development and Reform Commission rare earth application special --- liquid crystal display with high-end rare earth polishing material project appraisal meeting. The project was jointly developed by R & D New Materials Co., Ltd., Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute and Yixing Xinwei Group Co., Ltd. Identification of the experts agreed that the project advanced technology, Polishing Powders particle size uniformity, powder shape close to the ball, polishing performance, to meet the user requirements, product quality reached the international advanced level, agreed to through the identification. In recent years, with the increasing demand for Polishing Powders, China has become the world's largest producer of rare earth Polishing Powders, but the products mainly to low-grade polishing materials mainly in the LCD screen with polishing materials as the representative of the high-end market lack of competitiveness, There have been "China to export foreign cheap rare earth cerium products, foreign and then enter China's high-priced rare earth Polishing Powders products" situation.

Project commitment unit focus on market demand, focusing on scientific and technological innovation, the development of a series of rare earth Polishing Powders preparation technology for China's high-performance rare earth Polishing Powders laid a solid foundation for production. The innovation of the result is that the surface potential of the precipitated particles is adjusted by adjusting the ionic strength in the precipitated slurry during the preparation of the Polishing Powders to control the morphology of the powder and improve the dispersibility of the product. The polar surface modifier Grain growth, so that the grain refinement; by controlling the aging temperature and time and change the mother liquor in the ionic strength and the amount of surfactant to achieve the controllable preparation of the product; the first study and development of the precipitation mother liquor recycling technology to solve the ammonia pollution Problem, to achieve a liquid crystal display with high-end rare earth polishing material cleaning production. In the pilot production of Polishing Powders particle size D50 to 0.8 ~ 1.5μm, the dispersion is less than 1, the powder shape close to the spherical, excellent polishing performance, pilot product quality has been recognized by the user, to replace foreign similar products. The development of advanced preparation technology of high-end rare earth Polishing Powders can improve the added value of rare earth cerium products and change the supply pattern of world polishing materials, which is of great significance to promote the development of rare earth industry in China.

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