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The Basic Requirements For Polishing Powders

Polishing powders is usually composed of alumina, silica, zirconia, cerium oxide and other components, different materials, different hardness, chemical properties in the water is also different, so the use of different occasions. Alumina and zirconia have a Mohs hardness of 9, cerium oxide and silicon oxide of 7, and lower iron oxide. Cerium oxide and silicate glass chemical activity is high, hardness is also quite, it is widely used in glass polishing.

(1) powder particle size uniform, within the allowable range;

(2) have a higher purity, without mechanical impurities;

(3) a good dispersion to ensure that the processing process is uniform and efficient, may be appropriate to add dispersant to improve the suspension rate;

(4) powder particles have a certain lattice morphology, broken when the formation of sharp edges and corners to improve the polishing efficiency;

(5) have the appropriate hardness and density, and water has a good wetting and suspension, because the polishing powders needs to be mixed with water

The larger the particle size of the polishing powders, the greater the grinding force, the more suitable for hard materials, it should be noted that the

Some of the particle size of the polishing powders has a distribution problem, the average particle size or median diameter D50 only determines the speed of the polishing speed, and the maximum particle size Dmax determines the level of polishing accuracy. Therefore, to obtain high precision requirements, must control the maximum particles of polishing powders.

The true hardness of the polishing powders is related to the material, such as the hardness of alumina is about Mohs hardness of 9, all kinds of alumina are similar. But different alumina gives different sensory hardness. As the firing temperature is different, the strength of the aggregates are not the same, so the use of hardness will not feel the same, the product shows the grinding rate and wear resistance will be different. This need for an experienced production plant to control the different substances according to throwing.

The concentration of the slurry in the polishing process determines the polishing speed, and the higher the concentration, the higher the polishing rate. The use of small particles polished powder, the slurry concentration due to appropriate reduction to get the appropriate liquidity, the general recommendation of 7-10%

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