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The World's Largest Rare Earth Refinery Production

Newspaper Bangkok, February 28 (Reporter at King-ho) According to Malaysia, "Guanghua Daily" reported on the 28th, the 27th Australian Linus company announced that its located in Pahang Kuantan rare earth plant has successfully produced the first batch of rare earth products.

It is reported that last November the company Lynas obtain a temporary license to operate the Malaysian government, in protest of environmentalists and local residents, and from Australia to the rare earth mine in November last year, arrived in Kuantan.

Linus built in Kuantan The world's largest rare earth refinery, covering about 20 hectares, invested $ 800 million to build, will produce 22,000 tons of rare earths per year to meet global demand for about one-third of World trade of rare earth market structure have a significant impact. China currently exports 95% cent of the world's rare earth consumption

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