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This Year The Total Amount Of Rare Earth Ore Mined 105,000 Tons Control Targets

Land and Resources recently issued a notice in 2015 the total amount of rare earth tungsten ore mining annual control targets, determine the National Rare Earth Ore fiscal 2015 (rare earth oxides REO) mining total control index was 105,000 tons, wherein the ionic (with heavy rare earth-based ) 17,900 tons of rare earth ore index, rock type (light) indicators 87,100 tons of rare earth ore. China tungsten concentrate (tungsten trioxide content 65%) of the total production control target of 91,300 tons, including 73,300 tons of main mining indicators, utilization indicators 18,000 tons.

Notice that China Minmetals Corporation, China Aluminum Corporation, Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd., Ganzhou Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group Co., Ltd. 6 Rare Earth Group integration and restructuring plan It has been approved by relevant authorities for the record. Rare Earth Group and the inclusion of consolidation and restructuring has been completed, the indicators in the province (region) aggregates in a single column, by the provincial land and resources departments according to the number assigned to separate rare earth mining enterprises; not enter the consolidation and restructuring of the Group or unfinished, continue provincial (district) distribution.

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