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What Are The Uses Of Rare Earth Oxides?

Rare earth oxides, "industrial gold," said the most significant feature is to significantly improve the quality and performance of other products, such as a substantial increase in the manufacture of tanks, aircraft, missiles, steel, aluminum alloy , Titanium alloy tactical performance; rare earth oxides is also the electronics, laser, nuclear industry, superconductivity and many other high-tech lubricants. Metallurgical industry can be rare earth metals or fluoride, silicide added to the steel, can play a refining, desulfurization, and low melting point harmful impurities, can improve the processing performance of steel; rare earth ductile iron, especially for the production of special requirements Complex iron, widely used in automobile, tractor, diesel and other machinery manufacturing; rare earth metal added to magnesium, aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel and other nonferrous alloys, can improve the alloy room temperature and high temperature mechanical properties.

The molecular sieve catalyst made of rare earth with petrochemical industry has the advantages of high activity, good selectivity and strong resistance to heavy metal poisoning. It is widely used in petroleum catalytic cracking process. In the process of ammonia production, a small amount of rare earth nitrate is used as a catalyst. The treatment gas is 1.5 times larger than that of the nickel-aluminum catalyst; the composite rare earth oxides can also be used as the exhaust gas purification catalyst for the internal combustion engine. Glass and ceramic

Rare earth oxides can be used as polishing powder widely used in optical glass, glasses, picture tube, plastic and metal tableware polishing; in the process of melting glass, the use of cerium oxide on the iron has a strong oxidation, can reduce the glass Of the iron content; the addition of rare earth oxides can be used for different purposes of the optical glass and special glass; ceramic glaze and enamel in the addition of rare earth, can reduce the fragmentation of glaze, the products show different colors and luster.

New materials Rare earth cobalt and NdFeB permanent magnet materials, are widely used in the electronics and aerospace industry; pure rare earth oxides and ferric oxide combined garnet-type ferrite single crystal and polycrystalline, can be used for microwave and Electronics industry; yttrium aluminum garnet and neodymium glass made of high purity neodymium oxide can be used as solid laser materials; rare earth hexaboride can be used to make electron emission cathode materials.

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